ESET Remote Administrator Console

ESET Remote Administrator Console

ESET Remote Administrator Console allows you to manage ESET's products
12 Dec 2015
29 Jun 2014
8 Nov 2013
30 May 2012
5.0 β
15 Mar 2012
21 Apr 2010
4.0 β
22 Dec 2009
15 May 2009
23 Dec 2008
3.0 β
19 Nov 2008
2 Mar 2008
Editorial review

What's new

v5.3 [12 Dec 2015]
- Added: New remote installation method (WMI) and streamlined export process for WSUS and GPO deployments.
- Changed: Faster network scan thanks to configurable multi-threading.
- Added: System tray notification on new and unmanaged computers linked to remote installation wizard.
- Added: User friendly notification and temporary deactivation of firewall module for installation packages with applicable products.
- Added: Clickable interface for component-based installation.
- Added: Server allows relocation of installation package to local network share to save bandwidth in distant branches.
- Added: Remote installation of custom packages can collect optional output and transfer it back to server.
- Added: New server API extensions and command-line console including native 64-bit library variant.
- Changed: API library is now easier to link with other than C/C based projects.
- Added: Improved static and parametric group management.
- Added: Optional server license pool control.
- Added: Main console window allows hiding of any unused tab.
- Added: Time-limited policies.
- Added: Special handling for unexpected client duplicates and simplified deleting of locked clients.
- Added: Multiple console custom views.

v5.2 [29 Jun 2014]
- Added: API with documented source code and ERA Command-line Console (eraapi.dll and eracmd.exe)
- Added: Reports available to export to PDF
- Added: Retrieving Dual IP address using SysInspector reports (for machines behind a gateway or NAT)
- Added: Basic network actions from console (for example: Wake on LAN, Ping, Shutdown, RDP, and Message)
- Added: Log forwarding to Syslog (to enable log forwarding, some additional configuration is required)
- Improved: Remote deployment for Linux and Mac OS X
- Improved: Remote installation of custom package with redirected output to attach data as part of task details
- Fixed: Some server products are missing in the configuration template for program component update (PCU) mirror setup (ENU version only)
- Fixed: Logon Script installation type failure with pre-configured default credentials
- Fixed: Activating the notification “Test It” option might result in server crash
- Fixed: Incorrect time calculation during scheduled remote push installation
- Fixed: Upgrade from version 5.0.x could corrupt all saved search-tasks using Active Directory services
- Fixed: The client upgrade task might end with an error with many parallel installation instances

v5.1 [8 Nov 2013]
- Fixed: Hardening security of dashboard reports against HTML injections
- Fixed: Quarantined entries from ESET Mail/File/Gateway Security are not reported correctly to ESET Remote Administrator
- Fixed: Manually created search tasks in ESET Remote Administrator 5.0 are not correctly migrated when upgrading to ESET Remote Administrator 5.1.x
- Fixed: Parallel, remote upgrade task for multiple client endpoints terminates unexpectedly on some of the included endpoints
- Fixed: Update module returns inconsistent information on virus DB version
- Fixed: Several localization issues

v5.0 [30 May 2012]
- Web Dashboard for administrators - comprehensive overview of reports in your web browser
- Remote Installation - new design
- Protection Features - new task for managing protection features on clients
- Run Scheduled Task - new task to immediately trigger a scheduled task on a client
- User Manager - tool for managing accounts and passwords for console access
- HIPS tab - information about HIPS related events from clients
- Web Control tab - information about Web Control related events from clients
- Device Control tab - information about Device Control related events from clients
- Antispam tab - information about spam-related events from clients
- Greylist tab - information about Greylist related messages from clients
- Search for computers in the network - new search tasks and design
- Supports installation over previous ERA versions (4.x, 3.x) including data migration
- Reports - new reports, new design, support for web dashboards.

v4.0 [21 Apr 2010]
support for ESET Smart Security/ESET NOD32 Antivirus 4.2
- support for ESET Mail Security 4 for Microsoft Exchange Server
- support for Linux/Mac desktop security solution (ESET NOD32 Antivirus 4)
- support for ESET Mobile Security
- Remote Installation - new design
- Group Management - new design (Static groups, Parametric Groups, improved Active Directory synchronization)
- Filter - improved functionality (policy filters, static and parametric groups filters)
- Policies - new parameters in policy rules (support for parametric groups), import/export of policies and policy rules,
scheduler tasks merging, Policy Rules Wizard
- Notifications - support for parametric groups several minor improvements
- Centralized view on clients' quarantine (for v4 and higher ESS/EAV clients)
- Reports - support for static and parametric groups, new types of reports (mobile log, quarantine, firewall), new
- Firewall rules merge wizard - wizard for merging rules created in learning mode
- Windows/Domain authentication of ERA Console user
- Windows Passive Cluster support
- Supports reinstallation of older ERA versions (3.x, 2.x, 1.x) including data migration support
- Communication encryption with AES-256

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